Symbols and colored stitches emanate all of ideas as a creative flow. Often “things just happen” between your hands, other times there is a deeper thought behind it. So far nine to ten different symbols have been produced – more are under their way.

You can always ask for special made things – we love unique tasks and are always welcome of suggestions. Some symbols are a basic part of our assortment, others are one-offs that are unlikely to be made again.

All Wearcaps are unique, handmade in EU and Roskilde, Denmark. In the gallery you can see the different cool expressions and colors.


The way to carry out the “embossing” in the hat is unique and hardly seen before in the hats industry.

The inspiration comes from the designer’s many years of work in graphics design, printing and working with paper, which should often be treated with punched, partial, numbered and many other options to make a printing job something special.


The ambition is to create something you want to wear on, that feels good in your hands. Visually we want to create a hat in a unique and individual design that exudes both quality and style.

This craftsmanship is time consuming, and the final expression is the result of long-term development work.


The very first original symbol was “Flyboy” – which is seen on the first two prototypes. With its clear spaceship reference, “Flyboy” is a homage to the designer’s love for sci-fi.


Dark gray, black and dark navy is a solid part of Wearcaps’ range of colors.

A number of different prototypes have been produced in connection with the development work under the name “udtryk.nu”. Some copies are also available in light gray, strong dark red and petro-blue as girlie-versions.


Main garments are manufactured in all materials – plastic, cotton, composite / mixed, wool and fur felt, and the variations in quality and price range are extensive.

Natural materials such as wool and fur felt are a fantastic “buffer” that works really well in both sun and heat as well as on rainy, cold days by the water. For example, quality hats in fur felt can be made of tanned rabbit hair or beaver fur. Both wool and fur felt are used to make Wearcaps.