Ideas can jump off the pencil, hands, a theoretical or crafting background – maybe just a thought to be implemented.

The designer behind Wearcaps grew up with a workshop in the living room and fireplace in the garden and has always been driven by a strong desire of knowledge, especially when it comes to materials. It has resulted in two majors degrees in graphic design and printing, an education as a lecturer – as well as traveling around the world to explore other cultures and their history. It is all translated into the handcraft of Wearcaps, partly in the hometown of Roskilde and on Nørrebro, in collaboration with the hatter, Andersen & Berner.

Alongside Wearcaps, the designer is aware of light design with built-in “IoT” (Internet of Things) and the processing of 160-page travel descriptions, hopefully published as both text and podcast.

Teaching, presentation and lectures are also part of the background and work.